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Q1) How is Tea Bro's tea meant to be had?
Ans) TeaBro provides you with 'Ready to Drink' tea. Inside the box, there are a set of Tea Kits. Each Tea Kit makes one cup of tea. Take a cup of hot water (125 ml), and add all the constituents provided in the Tea Kit to the cup. Stir it well and enjoy your most favourite refreshing cup of tea. 

Q2) What's included in the Tea Kit? 
Ans) The Tea Kit includes: Pre-Brewed Liquid Tea Decoction + Evaporated Liquid Milk + Sugar + Stirrer 

Q3) What is the shelf life of the product?
Ans) The shelf life of the product is 4 months. We recommend that you do not consume our product if the 4 months' time has crossed since the date of manufacturing (mentioned on every box).

Q4) Can I have the "Tea Decoction" with cold water?
Ans) No. The "Tea Decoction" is meant to be had with hot water only. 

Q6) What does "Pre-Brewed" mean?
Ans) To get the flavours of the tea leaves, it needs to be brewed under the right conditions (temperature, pressure and time). Our "Tea Decoction" is pre-brewed in small batches in our facility to perfection. 

Q7) Can I have only Black Tea with "Tea Decoction"?
Ans) Yes, you can have Black Tea with the Tea Decoction alone also.

Q8) Where can I buy the Tea Bro box?
Ans) TeaBro box is available on our website and on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Additionally, you may find the TeaBro box in modern retail outlets in your town/city.

Q9) What does "Decoction" mean?
Ans) In simple words, a decoction is nothing but a concentrated liquid. 


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