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Hi, Tea Lovers !

Hello ! from far - far East. We are from the heart of the tea belt of the world, Upper Assam (India). Being tea farmers ourselves, we are most passionate and particular about our teas and ensure that we always make the best quality. After months of research, we present to you our "Tea Decoction" offering. Our teas are handpicked from the finest tea gardens of Assam, Pre-Brewed under perfect conditions - temperature, pressure, and time, and offered in 10ml tea decoction. To a cup of hot water (125ml), add our offering (Tea Liquid + Conc. Milk + Sugar) and we assure you that it will make the most balanced cup of tea. 

Enjoy !



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Kartic serves as the founder of TeaBro. He is an engineering and a management graduate (University of British Columbia, Canada) and has prior work experiences in Management Consulting and Investments. 

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Sandeep has been a part of the Tea Industry in Assam for over 30 years. A chemical engineer, Sandeep is a seasoned tea planter with immense knowledge in farming and processing of Tea. Sandeep advices TeaBro on procurements and blending. 

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Saurabh Sharma serves as an advisor on marketing and strategy matters. An MBA from Insead (France), Saurabh has over 20 years of core marketing experiences in USA, Europe and Asia.  

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Piang is our production man, operating our machinery. He is the 'Jugaad' man, always has a solution to any problems.



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Varun is a seasoned HR professional having worked with numerous MNCs'. He advices TeaBro on best HR practises and Operation. He also keeps our spirits very high.  

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Olivia is our office Secretary. She keep our TeaBro Office and Factory in perfect functioning mode, and also makes sure it is a fun workplace.

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Sakshi handles our packaging and dispatch. She is very meticulous with her work, ensuring there is never a shipment missed or delayed. 

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Singphu is the main operator overlooking the packaging machinery. TeaBro's precise packaging is thanks to his continous good work. 

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Sang is part of the manufacturing team, working alongside other operators. He is very good with hands-on machine maintenance.  

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Sonali is part of the packaging division. Her speed of packaging is one to look out for. She is Fast ! Very Fast !

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The youngest amongst others, Angelia is a very fast learner, currenty working across divisions.

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